Back Story

     There is nothing that’s extra ordinary or super special about Mortimer Mouse. He is just a mouse. What makes him different from an extremely famous mouse that shall remain unnamed is the fact that Mortimer grew up in poverty and still lives in poverty today. No matter what Mortimer Mouse does, the curse of destitution continues to follow his every step in life.  It’s as though a certain Corporate Conglomerate has worked some kind of evil magic spell to curse Mortimer Mouse.

     It is now written in modern cultural mythology that the Great Creator of the Infamous Unnamed Mouse, once considered Mortimer Mouse as his celebrated mascot, but in the end chose another. Although this defeat crushed Mortimer’s spirit beyond hope, it would not be the last of the crushing blows thrown at Mortimer from the Great Creator and his Corporate Conglomerates.

     Over the years, they slandered Mortimer as an arrogant, lecherous, shyster. This in fact is not who Mortimer Mouse is. He is a humble pauper that has endured decades of public humiliation at the hands of the Corporate Conglomerates who greedily sought to exploit Mortimer Mouse as a convenient and cheap villain.